Mexico's Sin

MEXICO CITY -- President Felipe Calderon blasted U.S. immigration policies on Sunday and promised to fight harder to protect the rights of Mexicans in the U.S., saying Mexico does not end at its borders."

The criticism earned Calderon a standing ovation during his first state-of-the nation address.
"We strongly protest the unilateral measures taken by the U.S. Congress and government that have only persecuted and exacerbated the mistreatment of Mexican undocumented workers," he said. "The insensitivity toward those who support the U.S. economy and society has only served as an impetus to reinforce the battle ... for their rights."

He also reached out to the millions of Mexicans living in the United States, many illegally, saying: "Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico." He also said Sunday that Mexico has created 618,000 new jobs since January.

Well goody for you Felipe! But here is a little newsflash for you El Presidente. In the past two years Calderon, your country has just not had an exodus of its citizens, but your manufacturing businesses are flying the "Pollo" Coop to China. Seems your own country's manufacturers won't pay the $2.50 an hour you criminally allow to be paid to your own people as their only living wage!

And he brags about new jobs? What new jobs? KFC, Burger King and McDonald's? These types of businesses know a good thing when they see it - cheap labor and a government that prefers that their people stay in the US illegally so that they don't have to worry about spending their ill-gained profits on ensuring a better life for their countrymen and Calderon can share his spoils with his little cronies like Fox.

Calderon and his politico cronies are criminal in how they allow their people wallow in poverty while they pat each other on the back. They are the ones that are committing the greatest sins - ignoring their poor, casting blame on other countries, and greedily gobbling up any profits that are bled out of their people.

I don't think Calderon should be so hasty in his bravado! He may just fall on his grasiento culo!


Marguerite said...

That really irritates me. Instead of blaming the U.S., he needs to address why his citizens are fleeing over the borders for a better life. It's not our responsibility to deal with the failures of the Mexican government to serve its people!

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Exactly! His hundred thousand some odd jobs are a drop in the bucket! He does not want his citizens back so he makes the US look like the bad guys. Wonder what he would say when Americans stopped coming to the touristy areas....

John said...

Felipe is a few degrees off course. He's almost reached the level of Ammanutjob. I like the line "Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico." How true, and why, we are turning into Mexico. Basically Felipe seems to have his head up his grasiento culo!

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