Hastert - Cut and Run King

Hastert stepping down early is just another example of the GOP cuttin' and runnin' His BS of an excuse saying it will not inconvenience the voters and keep down expenses. WHAT!?!?! Put down the bong pipe Denny! You inconsiderate idiot. It is going inconvenience a hulluva lot of voters who now have to vote in TWO elections. And expenses being kept down? You Crack Addict!!! Who did consult for that load of cowpies?

According to Jack Cunnigham, Kane County Clerk, Hastert’s decision to step down from the 14th Congressional District seat will cost Clerk's office an extra $400,000 to $800,000 next year, Cunningham said. To the eight counties that fall partially or entirely in the district, the extra cost will be between $1.1 million and $2.2 million, not counting costs to municipalities that handle their own voting, Cunningham said.

Those costs – $400,000 per extra election in Kane County, $1.1 million per extra election in all eight counties – are only working numbers, and they are likely to change over the next few months, weeks or even days.

And according to Kane County Chronicle's Editor "Essentially, there will be two election processes occurring: One to fill the remainder of Hastert’s current term and one to elect a new representative in November. Truly conscientious individuals might end up casting votes four times because there will be two different primaries and two different elections."

This is saving money and not causing an inconvenience to the voters?? Hastert! You are the inconvenience to the voters! Just because you can't take the heat you are taking your toys and going home. Wuss!

So now Denny, you're going go to Wheaton College and become an economics fellow are ya? I think you need to go back to school first to learn how economics work then after that why don't you sneak in a few ethics classes while you are at it.

Obviously while spending most of your time covering up for buddies like Mark Foley you forgot how the district that elected you works!


LET'S TALK said...

Well, it's not as if we did not know he would step down. You must look at the fact that this guy has served as speaker of the House longer than any Republican in history, so that says something.

I understand the folks in Kane County looking at the money that has to be paid out.

The Republican party has Lauzen, Jim Oberweis, Kevin Burns, and Mike Dilger. Lauzen has the better chance to walk away as the next candidate for that seat right now.

On the Democratic side there is Laesch, Jotham Stein, Bill Foster, and Joe Serra. Laesch will be the Democratic candidate , then the fun will began.

I know the amount of money for this election makes one wonder about Hastert, but this guy is 66 and ready to move forward after being nothing more than a rubber stamp for George Bush's endless war in Iraq and his irresponsible fiscal policies.

Then as you stated there was the Foley scandal as well.

Illinois and those at the 14th Congressional District now knows what Hastert thinks, to just walk away with millions at stake to elect someone in his place.

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

He should have finished his term. If he truly had the voters convenince at heart he would have looked at all sides not just I want to go. He also stated that he was trying to push an energy bill through and no one was interested in pursuing this.

And yes it is impressive that he served as long as he did but it is well known in this district that the voters vote more times for the incumbent then anyone else. They have the if it isn't broke don't fix it. Kevin Burns ran unopposed as did many mayors proceding him because the interest level in the political process is a bit stagnant.

LET'S TALK said...

I agree Jude's BlogLoggin, maybe he should have finished his term.

I am looking at what he brought to the table and what was done for your State by this man.

To be very honest here, there is a lot more than $2 or $3 million dollars that were sent to Illinois, simply because of his position and the fact that he knew how to work the Congress.

I think the lost will be for Illinois by not having him there. I did not agree with his policies, but I saw what he brought to the State and the power he had during his tenure.

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

You made an interesting statement Let's Talk about the race with Laesch and Lauzen. It will be interesting in the outcome of who does win the primary. Hastert through his support behind Jim Oberweis and he had issues with Chris Lauzen. So I am curious to see who he supports in this specific primary. And you are correct that he did know how to work congress.

justwhodoithinkiam said...

HOLY CRAPP! "Do-Nothing-Denny" "Denny Bastart" has struck again!

How damned typical...it's right out of the Republican playbook! If it's not "Cut and Run" its "Milk it for every penny and even a few that don't exist!"

Dennyboy has been a Repuke SlapMonkey longer than I care to admit knowing. My family used to run a local Lifestyles magazine just around the corner from his Batavia office years ago and we'd see him having his "liquid" lunch over at Allison's bar everyday. (And don't anynone dare to tell me that just because he's a diabetic that he doesn't drink!...that's a lie!)

Right after 9/11 our hard earned tax dollars were spent for a private (not all that) secret service detail to sit in the parking gararge across the street from Denny's Batavia office for MONTHS...and what's so rediculous about it was that Denny wasn't even there!!!
No, he was securely tucked away in some bunker along with the VP and family.

I don't know what's worse.
The fact that Denny is going to cost Illinois voters HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars for his SPECIAL election process or that Chris Lauzen (who's the head of the Illinois State Senate finance committee and a personal friend of Denny's) is thought to be the front runner to replace him!

You know, as much as I miss Illinois and my family and friends...the suburban Republican politics is something I do NOT miss one bit!

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Well Chris Lauzen is not Hastert's friend since Chris vocally oppossed Hastert a few years ago. Hatert threw his endorsement behind the Milk Magnet - Jim Oberweiss - eek!

Politicians need to be very aware of their public persona. Because observations by the regular Joes can be damaging to one's aspirations!

John said...

I think Denny Hastert was a pretty good guy. I think he felt he would do more good for Republicans if he cut loose, after his mistake with Foley, and that those benefits would outweigh the costs. As Let's Talk said, he has brought a great deal to the state. He can be proud of his length of service and the respect he commended on both sides of the aisle. I doubt that he was ignorant of the cost of his move, but I'm sure he weighed the pro's and cons. I think on the whole Illinois came out ahead on Denny Hastert.

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