TaTu or Not Tattoo – That is the Question

I have a tattoo. Sweet Mother, I do! Since according to Leviticus, I could get smited, cursed or stoned to death for all kinds of infractions including this one, I am pretty brazen in my attitude towards an uncomfortable situation that could affect my well-being. On a side note, I prefer to be smited for this is a much cooler word than plain old stoned to death with pea rock.

I stand by my tattoo. There I said it. I am neither ashamed nor am I worried that some people would think lower of me. Although, a really super duper scary threat made by someone "unnamed", who is close to me in a "familial" way vowed to kick my butt if I got a tattoo – which by the way Joey, (oops! Named Ya) concerned me for about 20 seconds, I see nothing wrong with getting a tattoo. As long as you think it out thoroughly and choose one that means something deep to you, go for it.

Again with a pesky side note, be careful where you place the tattoo. Trust me, it is hard to be convincing to a Fortune 500 group with Lady Godiva streaming down your forearm while you wear short sleeves. Those bored CEO’s would spend all their time trying to peek through Go-dives hair and not pay attention to your speech. But I digress.

My tattoo, located at my lower back, is a broken heart with wings that in my convoluted artistic mind symbolized my children annoying the beejeebers out of me for 22 years. The heart is well, you know, the boys terrorizing me and my desire to just fly the hell away at times. By the way, don’t you dare call this a tramp stamp. That pleasant description does not apply to me because I gave up low riders and thong underwear years ago in favor of more suitable, comfortable and age appropriate Hanes.

There are pundits in the pulpit that cite everything from rebellion to tattoos being against God’s law. Funny how any time these purveyors of my personal moral clause wants to make a point, they whip out a convenient chapter of Leviticus. In Leviticus, 19:28 nestled comfortably between the sinful beard trimming and prostituting your daughter, states that “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD” That being said, in my case I am so hell bound.

Anthropologists and Sociologists alike try to dispel the myths of the lure of tattooing as adolescent rebellion. I agree and disagree at the same time with this. Sure if you are under 18 and REALLY want to put a choke hold on Mom and Dad’s psyche, you get a tattoo of Tweetie Bird on your bicep that states Chicks Rule. But in most cases, it really is not about rebellion. It is about self expression. And that is something that today’s society needs and thrives upon. The ability to show the world your uniqueness is priceless and although not understanding at times the message the wearer is trying convey, at least respect the courage and audacity to say “Here I am World – take me or leave me.”

Oxford anthropologist Wilfrid Dyson Hambly said: "These (tattoos) might range from specific ancient symbols to images with complex personal meanings unique to the wearer. A lot of people are eager to link up with 'something beyond,' reaffirm their connections with greater forces beyond this mundane daily life.... if they make us feel better about ourselves, and by extension others around us, the magic works. We are wearing our dreams."

So, I had my tattoo placed in a private area where no one can see it unless I decide to. And I am not about to moon someone to show my self expression. So if you still want to kick my butt, have at it. Besides my butt being a conveniently LARGE target, I will stand up for my right to express myself whichever way I choose.


Anonymous said...

and all this time i thought smote was the past tense of smite.

But then maybe I've been smitten by a kitten wearing mittens....

Obviously I am not well

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Hmmm... Well if this must be anonymous then I guess I should be grateful that you are a poetic person either that or my brother Jim... either way thanks for commenting...

Mike said...

My wife wants one and it's only a matter of time before we decide on one, (yes we) as I have to look at it (gladly).
I support it because at her age she won't be judged by a prospective employer as she is self employed and anyway beyond the age to be worried about judgments of others.

I still discourage visible body art on people unless people are Tongan or from a culture that requires it.

I am happy for you.
Thanks for sharing and also thanks for the comment on my blog.
Best to you!

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Mike I agree with you! Careful where you put your tattoo. Mike Tyson does not look like a candidate for running a daycare any longer what with that Samoian Tongan culture thing on his face! As I believe to each his own but sometimes a bit of discretion is warrented. Thanks for the post Mike!

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