Candidates Of The Unknown

So I can't sleep. So in my awake but near coma-like state, I thought I would cruise the web to get information on the potential candidates for President and I stumbled upon a website called http://www.vote-smart/

An interesting site that gives you, according to them, unbiased information about the candidates. Clicking on Republicans, I found not just the 'known' candidates but scores of other announced candidates. I did not know these people existed and I had fun reading their biographies and their position on issues. By the way, what is the Humanitarian Party????

I only included 4 from each category but showed the number of entries into the race after each section. Click on the name and it will bring you to the site and you can meet some of the serious but no money, not-serious but think its fun, or the plain ole nut jobs.
There is a guy that is running on the Democrat/Farmer/Labor party that is called Ole.


CDoski said...

Thanks for the information! I will definitely have to go look at the site (during one of my "it is 2:00 am but I am wide awake" phases.) Do not like what I am reading about ANY of the major candidates. I have voted for third party people on several occasions but of course I also worry about if I am 'wasting' my vote. This is especially after the last two Presidential elections.

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

There are the usual yo ho hum drum candidates that seem to be more concerned that Obama does not wear a flag lapel pin then issues at hand. I have yet to see anyone Republican or Democrat that I can truly say - that's the one!

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