Rubbed at the Edges, but otherwise Good Condition!

I spent last weekend visiting my Uncle Marty Murphy in La La Land California and had a fabulous time! We wined and dined, saw the sights by getting irrevocably lost from time to time and generally acted like the tourists we were.

My Uncle as many of you readers know is a cartoonist. His numerous and famous works range from Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol, Hong Kong Phooey, Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, Maja the Bee to the choice primo spot after the centerfold in Playboy. Yep Mom, I know the secret! Marty draws for Playboy and he is funny as hell! So, lets get over that little peccadillo!

He also has collaborated on many books containing his work and several other work of very talented cartoonists. Here is where I get to my title of this blog. My cherished Tom, having had many long wonderful conversations with Marty, wanted to take part in that famous past time of Google-ing Marty. He found many articles including blogs by other luminary cartoonist such as Roy Delgado, http://roydelgadoblog.blogspot.com/ and Mike Lynch, http://mikelynchcartoons.blogspot.com/ . Stop by these two sites - Very Funny Works!

He also stumbled upon sellers of some of Marty’s books. Most notably, ‘Teachers Are Very Funny People’ and ‘That Was the Church That Was’ both of these gems are hysterical and I remember as a child always thinking that Marty was such a star!

Here is the kicker. These books range from 98cents plus shipping to a whopping $2,475!! Now the higher price is because there is an inscription by Marty saying "To Russ from Marty Murphy Thanks for bringing your energy and talent to the sat morning class!” It also says that the book has some wear but the pgs/binding are tight…… Other descriptions of his books are “mild wear”, “rubbed edges” etc. And this got me thinking.

Does “Russ” know that “Rebecca (Rebrosa)” is selling a tight mildly worn book to the public for an enormous amount of cash? Did Russ enjoy the book? Did he know what a stellar man my Uncle is? Does Rebecca know what a gem Marty is? Does she care?

When in our golden years do we get reduced to a selling point? When did a funny, loving, cuddly, intelligent and massively talented man become “rubbed at the edges”?

I know that a book that Marty worked on that is selling at such a huge amount should be a testament to his talent but for some reason I felt a bit sad. In my long conversations over the years and especially this past weekend, I realized that this wonderful Uncle that always supported my dreams are having his sold and no pennies are coming his way. So I want to shout out to the world that Mr. Marty Murphy is still kicking in L.A. Still drawing his fabulously and irreverent cartoons and is as sharp as ever!

Marty Murphy may be a little rubbed at the edges but Damm he is still in good condition and to me that is priceless!


Roy Delgado said...

Love good ramblings. Thanks for additional info on my friend Marty. Like your blog!

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Thanks for the compliment Roy. It is nice to have a reader out there!

Laura Turczak said...

Hey there, Judy. Loved your comments. You are talented in expressing yourself without sounding preachy or arrogant. I love that about you! What an inspiring tribute to your beloved Uncle. You are blessed to have him in your life and he you! - Laura

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Thank you Laura! My lucky day is today! 2 readers that commented!!! YEAH ME!!!!!

Anonymous said...

KK...I'm now WAY impressed. Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol is, without doubt, my absolute FAVORITE Christmas movie. My father and I used to wait SO impatiently for it. We'd bug my poor mother to DEATH for "Rassleberry Dressing."


Anonymous said...

You know Chooch, I know your life hasn't always been easy but you are definitely one of the most interesting people I have come across as is your family and extended family. Marty is obviously a jewel in your family crown. Thanks for sharing this personality with us!

LisaLisa of the LuvPolisa

Anonymous said...

Uncle Marty! Do you mind me calling him that? It's all your fault. You brought me right into your family, made me feel so welcome, (not at all an intruder) and now I feel a part of Uncle Marty too! And how dare they sell his works like that!

I feel ya girl! That's why I'm commenting. Uncle Marty draws and sucks you right on in. Do you even recognize the affect he has had on you beyond your "hero worship"? Uncle Marty's creative juices have rubbed right off on to you. KEEP WRITING! Keep sucking people right into your thoughts and giving them the warm fuzzies or whatever feeling you're flowing in. But , Like Nike says, JUST DO IT!

You got a gift, worth sharing.

Thanks for touching my life today!

God bless you and Uncle Marty!

Nanny2U Freehusgs 4U - MySpace

Anonymous said...

have so many autographs from people I know in the voice actor genre on VHS movies. But I don't think I could bring myself to selling any of them. Being the collector that I am of those and of certain comic books. I'll will them to my one child I know appreciates them being an artist herself. She would probably keep them forever too.
Could be that the seller needs the money? I don't know, but I can't believe it doesn't pain them to have to sell it too. Unless they have no sentimental bone in their body. You tell Uncle we all love him! Pssst....if he ever needs an animator....let me know....I know a very talented young lady....heh.
Stephinator - MySpace

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