TOY RECALLS: Whats a Grandma to do?

I sucked at school but now I have an excuse. Because I played "Barbie kisses GI Joe", I was probably a victim of lead poisoning! Therefore the low grades! Yep, that the excuse for me now!

Christmas is looming up behind my back like a tornado whirling off in the distance and I have NO IDEA how to shop for my grandkids without risking their little lives!

Toy Companies are being accused of trying to kill our children with lead, magnets, GHB and all the new mystery poisons out there! I can't check CNN without hearing about the latest toy that is dipped in lead and stuck in our kids mouths! Yikes! Where does a grandmother turn to!!! Although,nothing too new here with Toy Recalls, remember Jarts?

Anyway, the latest toy recall that I noticed was Easy Bake Ovens.

Seems that there have been burns etc. Well of course a kid can burn her or his little fingers! Thats why it is "supervised" play. You wouldn't have your three yr old stir the soup on the stove so why would you leave a three yr old unsupervised with a 45 watt lightbulb?

And another shocker! Barbie! Good Ole Reliable Barbie!!

Seems to be that there are magnets that can be swallowed in the pooper scooper. A pooper scooper? Hey, the Barbie I KNEW would have had Midge clean up after her dog and what the hell is a little girl playing with a pooper scooper? But,what do I know!

So as I wake up bright and early to hit the stores, I check that I have my purse & wallet, I have popped back a few Aqua Dots instead my usual Xanax, I got the geiger counter to check for radiation, a paint scraper and CSI kit to check for lead and a pocket piece of steel so that I can check for magnets.

Oh Hell, for God Sakes get your kids these:


LET'S TALK said...

Because most of these toys are now made in China and India or Hong Kong, we must examine them closely and be on the watch for our children safety.

LET'S TALK said...

Hi again Jude, and Thanks for stopping by Let's Talk. I shall add you to my blog links, if you don't mind.

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Thanks for commenting. Isn't it terrible that we have to almost be armed to the hills just to purchase a kids toy! I settled on a Big Ole Tonka Truck that even a 3 yr old can't destroy! And please add me Thanks! I am really enjoying meeting new people and reading new perspectives!

Anonymous said...

A great blog my dear Chooch....... I say the lead in toys is a secret China plot so our kids will lick the toys lower their IQs and then continue to dumb down America........ so the Chinese can take over.... Kidding of course but in my darker moments I say am I?
Good points
Yes I remember Jarts...... and other things that could kill you like Marbles.... swallow a marble you could leave the earth
And I agree with you some of the idiot American parents kiddies wouldnt be hurt if they actualy payed attention to the age ranges on the outside of the box on these toys

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Books................ Books what a novel concept

Great blog

Posted by Marissa on November 24, 2007 - Saturday at 7:59 AM

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Thanks Rissa!! When we were kids there were all sorts of perils around! Remember garter snakes? Don't see those anymore! I recall all our toys must have been covered in lead paint because all our houses were too!

Anonymous said...

OMFG! How did we ever survive our childhoods? I hope the toy manufacturers suffer like hell so they'll quit outsourcing and bring those jobs back to AMERICA! Overseas they don't have the guidelines we do here when it comes to toy safety. Thats because there are more Chinese kids than American kids so they're expendable right?
Don't Mothers tell their kids "DON'T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH!" anymore? My gawd..and we didn't have seat belts either. Holy crap! Or anti bacterial soap! Maybe we're really dead and we just haven't realized it yet? At least until AFTER the holiday shopping I guess.
Hey Chooch...better a book than a video game. I still love "Go Dog Go". Everytime I see that book, I gotta pick it up and look at the big dog party in the tree. They were having such a fun time. Made me want to go up a tree and party with a bunch of dogs and with cake and pink icing. Hell yeah. Ah..those were the days.
I also remember I didn't have an easy bake oven, but I had the cake mixes to which I mixed them up and my older brother put them in a real oven for me. Then of course, he ate them. LOL!

Posted by Stephinator on November 24, 2007 - Saturday at 1:57 PM

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

I remember baking bread at 4!! We would put wax paper down on the floor, flour it all up and knead it out! Also, I never got my Barbie Dream House but I had a kick ass condo made out of cardboard boxes, decorated with pieces of wallpaper and even carpet. Ah Imagination... where has it gone! Hmmm I wonder how high you can get on Aqua Dots??? Anyone know??

Rose said...

It is so sad when parents & grandparents have to start wondering if what they are buying is safe. 25 million toys have been recalled this year.

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

I am curious as to what is being done about this? And exactly how many of these toys are really from China? It is a question to ponder on.

Eric A Hopp said...

Hey Jude:

Here's some suggestions for toys

Ecth A Sketch
DVD movies,
Games--Chess, checkers, Candyland, Operation, Sorry, Life, Monopoly, Connect Four, Clue, deck of cards,
Rubix Cube,

I think if you stay with the classics, you might just be okay in avoiding any recalled toy shoddily made with lead paint or whatever else. I know I'm giving my niece a Ratioulli DVD video, and perhaps the Ecth A Sketch.

Eric A Hopp said...

Barbie has a pooper scooper? Barbie might have some severe setbacks, going from driving around in her Barbie Corvette, and having "Boy Toy" Ken lounging by the Barbie "Pool and Penthouse" to scooping up dog crap!

Then again, both the Barbie poop and scooper may end up containing lead paint. I guess the only good toys left today are the cardboard boxes that these toys came in.

Jude's BlogLoggin said...


I so agree that we will be reduced to boxes that the toys come in! Your suggestions are good ole standbye except the leggos, my son Josh stuck one up his nose not once but three times and my son Tim used the pinchers in Operation to shock his brothers. Ahh... the joys of raising boys!

But BOOKS yeah I can do books!!!! In fact My Side of the Mountain is one of the best books to give to a youngun about the age of 8 or 9. Cool book about a boy that leaves his home and lives in a tree in the poconos mountains. Real adventure in that one!

two crows said...

hi, Jude--
I found you via Let's Talk--
and _of_course_ children are expendable. they always have been.
and, _of_course_ jobs are outsourced to places where the workers are grateful to work for pennies per day and materials aren't scrutinized.
that's the American Way, don't cha know.

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Welcome Two Crows! It seems odd that there has been such a rash of recalls just recently. Now I do understand that we are smarter as parents in what we give our children for entertainment but in same tone, we have become a country that forgot how to invent play. With videos and a sedentary lifestyle, we as a nation are promoting laziness. It easier to grab a toy that does the entertaining. There must be a return to the good ole days of pick up baseball games and inventive play using a box or scraps and turning it into a dynamite condo!

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