Headlines from 2007

The Year 2007 was a busy year for news. Here are some of the news stories that caught my eye.

NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak’s Rampage Of Love Lisa Nowak, trying to quell her love’s interest in another woman, drove all night from Texas to Florida to presumably to kidnap her rival. Now truthfully, how many of us secretly admired this chick’s balls. I don’t think I would have gone THAT far and damm girl, at least check your look in the mirror before your mugshot!

Texas Governor Issues Mandate that all girls entering 6th grade are to be immunized with Gardisil protecting them from HPV The furor that swept the more conservative, stuck in a cave parental units was astounding! These I am “great parent in my own mind” whack jobs complained that immunizing their 6th grade daughters was promoting rampant sexual experiences. Ummm… News Flash, your daughter will eventually have sex, how about preventing a nasty disease that can lead to her early death! For more on HPV and its prevention go to Gardasil’s website http://www.gardasil.com/

Washington Post Uncovers Scandals At Walter Reed Hospital The Washington Post reports of substandard care at Walter Reed Hospital leak. Walter Reed’s commander is fired. Soldiers returning from war with severe injuries, are housed off hospital grounds in a converted hotel called Building 18. Building 18 is a crumbling moldy, rat and cockroach infested building. And we believed Bush when he said “Our country owes the best to its soldiers” This is our best ? WTF???? Read more at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/nation/walter-reed/

Anna Nicole Smith Dies I felt sorry for her. She burst onto the radar in 1992 as a model for Guess Jeans and became her own tabloid nightmare. I see that she was manipulated most of her career by unscrupulous svengalis. I used to shake my head at her antics but at least she was entertaining at the very least.

Virginia Tech Shootings Student Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people and wounded many more before committing suicide, making this the deadliest school shooting in the US history. Did you ever notice that the craziest whack jobs always have three names?

Contaminated Dog Food Kills Pets The Food and Drug Administration reported that at least 76 dogs nationwide are believed to have died as a result of eating contaminated pet food. This scared me. The most helpless feeling is to watch your pet die and know that is was the food you fed it that killed it. 48 brands of dog and cat food were affected.

TB Patient Escapes Borders And Enters The US Andrew Speaker, a 31-year-old lawyer from Atlanta, learned he had TB in January. In May, doctors realized his strain, known as XDR-TB, was extensively drug-resistant. He then boarded a commercial flight to Paris May 12, and returned from Europe 12 days later on a flight from Prague, Czech Republic, to Canada then snuck back in undetected to the US. How selfish can one guy be? Oh wait he’s a bottom feeder.
Jerry Falwell Dies Televangelist and Religious Right founder spoke out of turn any chance he could get. Along with Pat Robertson, Rev. Jerry Falwell blamed pagans, abortionists, feminists & gays and lesbians for bringing on the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. But he forgot the Tooth Fairy, Spinsters, Dr. Spock, Ice Cream, Catholics and Long Shoremen. If I have forgotten any of you out of this list, I apologize. Although, you can still complain to Pat Robertson.

Toy Recalls Mattel Recalls Millions of Toys Mattel announced recalls for 9 million more Chinese-made toys, including popular Barbie, Polly Pocket and “Cars” movie items, and warned that more could be ordered off store shelves because of lead paint and tiny magnets that could be swallowed. Oh for God’s Sake get your kid a book!

Minneapolis Minnesota Bridge Collapse The entire span of an interstate bridge broke into sections and collapsed into the Mississippi River during evening bumper-to-bumper traffic Wednesday, sending vehicles, concrete and twisted metal crashing into the water. This was an incredible tragedy. I hope that other states adjust their budgets to accurately prevent this from happening again by hosting yearly inspections and to make repairs the priority.

Larry Craig Arrest Becomes Public Craig denied "any inappropriate conduct" in a men's room at the Minneapolis airport (even after he pleaded guilty). And today, he declared "I am not gay and never have been." So explain to me again why he pleaded guilty? David Lettermen muses that "Senator Craig from Idaho is blaming the media for his guilty plea, especially that cute guy from the Associated Press."

Michael Vick Pleads Guilty NFL star Michael Vick was indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday on charges of sponsoring a dog fighting operation so grisly the losers either died in the pit or sometimes were electrocuted, drowned, hanged or shot. One word describes him - asshole!

Leona Helmsley Dies Leona Helmsley left her dog Trouble $12 million. The real estate mogul's will, which became public on Tuesday, stipulates that Helmsley's brother Alvin Rosenthal is to care for the white Maltese--until it dies and is buried alongside Helmsley in a Bronx mausoleum.This woman scared me when she was dubbed Queen of Mean. She has truly lived up to her name. How would you like to be her brother and have to take care of the little darling? I can see his grocery list now! dog food-$5,000, new pet tag-$10,000 etc etc etc….


John said...

Great list! It's a good time of year to reflect!

Eric A Hopp said...

Hey Jude: Not a bad list here. One item that I would include would be the U.S. Attorney scandal. This whole scandal really started just after the 2006 midterm elections, when President Bush fired seven U.S. attorneys, for really no reason at all--except that they wouldn't politicize their jobs that the Bush White House wanted. That entire scandal really showed just how far the Bush White House would both lie to the American people, and use every executive office and government power for their own crass, selfish, extreme political ambition. The attorney scandal also caused the downfall for U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

The other item I noticed is how your news stories show the incredible amount of outright greed and scandal that have taken place in 2007. If it wasn't personal greed for a NASA astronaut, and NFL quarterback, or even a New York bitch, there was the political greed of governments forcing their extreme ideology, or their ignorance, down our throats, or it was the extreme monetary greed of corporations selling us garbage for products in order to recoup their excessive profits. In one sense, it is rather ironic that 2007 was, according to the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Pig. In Western civilization, the pig has a very negative connotation.

Pixie said...

It its any consolation the UK is not much better - any interesting list though !

Amit said...

The Year News List is quiet impressive as it is filtered with your mind.

Nice one.

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Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Thanks for posting and Eric I agree. What a greedy year we had! Now this year we have to spend money to make money. Oh well.. Life does go on.

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