"I Do" Drew At It Again!

Now I have seen and heard everything! Drew Peterson, the attention craving, obnoxious husband of missing Stacy Peterson has a website to help with legal costs for his "defense". For his defense??? Now why do you think he needs to have a fund established to defend him. From what? Could this be his twisted way of saying yep! I'm Guilty! From what I understand, he is not charged with a murder - yet..... So why the plea for defense fund money???

"I DO" Drew in his undercover super agent outfit!

For those that have the curiousity of a killed cat, which I admit I do, try visiting his pathetic excuse for a website. If it isn't disabled periodically, it is the most ridiculous site I have seen in years http://www.defenddrew.com/ Then again don't waste your time.

For someone who is getting 6k per month from his pension, don't you think he can afford legal representation? And what is this about hiring a private investigator to search for Stacy? Last I saw was that the FBI were tracking the leads along with several hundred volunteers.

Unpaid Volunteers Looking for Clues. Don't see Drew helping out here.

Oh and by the way Drewster, aren't you a little big for that toy bike you are riding? And your helmet??? Go for a less traditional lid dude. You look like the spaceman from the Flinstones and not too cool. What a jerk!

Yea, You Bad! You Big Bad Biker! NOT!

If anyone is interested in REALLY helping to find Stacy, visit a legitimate website that is dedicated to helping her family find her and bring her home.

Visit this website to volunteer or

leave an encouraging message.


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John said...

I really don't like this guy!!

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