Setting Myself Up

I live in this little fantasy world that upon awakening on the Holy Grail of Hallmark holidays, the doorbell rings and when I open the door my three sons stand on my stoop beaming with their surprise and their arms laden with flowers, boxes of candy and cards that would make a UFC fighter weep. As I usher them into my spotless living room, I remove my apron which is covered in flour because I have been baking cookies and I am swept away to a fabulous twenty five course brunch all along wearing a orchid corsage that my loving boys have presented to me.

Reality check! First I do not own an apron, I burn cookies and most Mother’s Day I have a running bet with myself of which child will forget that this is supposed to be “My” day! I constantly set myself up for disappointment every year. I think that maybe this year will be different instead of realizing that I take the blame for raising three very independent workaholics that usually by 5pm their time zone they realize that oops! Forgot to call. Sigh………

This year was somewhat of a surprise to me. Tim sent a card that arrived “before” Mother’s Day, he also called me at 10am this morning beating out my special son Robert, who I can count on calling at 6am to one up the other boys on timeliness. Steven called late in the afternoon, saying the only reason he remembered is that he said Happy Mother’s Day to 150 souls that ventured in his restaurant with their own orchid laden Moms in tow. Ashley got me a cuter then peaches card with a gift certificate to Borders Josh is MIA. Three out of Four ain’t bad.

So reviewing my Mothers Day it was actually pretty good this year. Although the skies decided that raining torrentially on my newly planted hostas was a good idea and my Doc thought this would be a good day to try out a new medication on his own personal guinea pig (Me!) which made me almost want to snooze into my Chicken Fajitas and I left my cell phone in the rain which rendered it only good to get messages, I would say that I had a decent Mom’s Day.

So do I really want the fantasy? Well kinda yeah. The fantasy ala Donna Reed is not a bad one. But I suppose I should be content with what I do receive on this day. Despite being pharmceutically comatose and a little sad, I do dream that one day ALL the boys will be home, that I can gather them in my arms and tell them I love them.

Today of all days and holidays in the year, I miss them more than ever.


Ruthiem said...

Really good blog. We moms really do want the glory on this our own special day, but then we feel guilty for wanting recognition! Classic....
Momming is really hard work. True. It is usually without recognition. True. We give more than anyone (even our partners) realize. True. We put ourselves and our needs on the backburner for about 18 or so years until they fly out of that comfortable nest we have painstakingly created for them. True. Yet we feel guilty for wanting some special recognition on one day of the freaking year. True. Painfully True.
What is wrong with us? We should DEMAND recognition! We are not DOORMATS or SERVANTS! RISE UP AND BE HEARD!
Now I've got some cookies in the oven that need attending to.....
Don't want to burn them!

Stephinator said...

I wonder if the only time they'll realize Mom is special is when they get married to a wonderful daughter-in-law that will remind them to "call your mother". If they're already married and they don't do that, then, well, blame it on their wife. She should know they have to call Mom. heh.
Great blog! And I hope someday you'll have your Donna Reed day. Keep those pearls handy.

Rosewolf said...

This year I was pleasantly surprised to get a Mother's Day from my older daughter - she never, ever sends me one, much less calls me on Mother's Day. But then my son told me that he told her that she should send one to me.... Mixed feelings to the max... Yay for Grant to speak up for me, boo to the fact that she had to be told... But then, I'm going to spend the day with her on Friday and I'm sure it will be lovely.

My little one made it up for me - from the Mom's Day at the Kindergarten Spa (She gave me a massage, put makeup on me and painted my nails the most lovely neon green) to her weeping when we opened the cake box and the roses on the cake were not the colors she picked and "Happy Mother's Day" was written in Spanish. She thought it ruined the whole day - she wanted it to be perfect for me. She has the best little heart.

John said...

You're a good mom and I know your kids appreciate you. I think your day was not all that uncommon. It's kind of a thankless job, right?

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