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In 1986, we legalized millions of illegals through an Amnesty Program. The government "promised" that it would take action to stem the invasion from Mexico of 1 million illegals each year. It did not. Illegals still pour in.

We sit by and cry foul! When will it stop! Build a fence, build a wall!!! That'll stop them. If we could not stem the flood of illegals in the past 20 years what makes a wall that much more powerful??

I have tried to stay impartial to this illegal debate but I see that our lawmakers are too busy pointing the finger at each other's brand of liberalism or conservatism to not realize that we have allowed this to happen because we have not laid down the law and make the countries responsible for this influx.

We shake hands and kiss patootie with heads of state in foreign landsbut is there any chastisement for their neglect of their own country. The money that pours into Mexico though tourism or into Arabia from Oil - where has that gone? I assume only to line the pockets of the influential and those in charge. I have yet to hear any Liberal or Conservative come down hard on other countries about how terrible they treat their own citizens or provide an accounting as to where their own funding goes.

Here is a thought - If I only made $10 a month, but for a few dollars more I could escape my poverty and come to a country where I could make $10 an hour – wouldn't I? It is easier to escape poverty by leaving, but what has happened to those that would stand up against their government and say no more??

There is no "easy" fix. No amnesty program that will stem the flow in years to come. Only families that will be torn apart because we didn't politically spank the ass of those in charge of our brothers and sisters of foreign lands.

But is it our job to be the nanny of all? In some respects yes. We need leaders that lead not placate. We need citizens that help not complain. We need to start to listen to each other for solutions and not just blindly leave that decision up to those that just want to kiss the proverbial politico ass.

There are those we placed in power who want to hide their heads in the political sand pile. We are not ostriches, we are proud Americans that in our hearts, a burning desire to do the right thing. Unfortunately, those in charge forgot to listen

So the burning question is...... What is your opinion on how this problem can be fixed?


Knight Watchman said...

In all of the solutions that our elected officials have forwarded, I have yet to see one that creates the opportunity for "caught" illlegal aliens to profess their alegnce to our country. If one has committed the crime of falsifying documents, taking illegal advantage of social programs and cheating our tax revenue system, why should one expect to get amnesty?

In my twisted mind, the soultion I would vote for is community service for a set number of years, like the old C O program for Alternative Service during the Viet Nam war. Build Roads, pack supplies, work in forrestry, cook for the armed services and earn the right to become a US Citizen.

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Your idea of performing community service is actually a great idea. I feel that if this was a trade for your citizenship not only would the illegal person be able to contribute to this great country but I believe that many would benefit from this as well. There are so many cultures that all of us could benefit from learning about the person. Too many of the illegals hide away from society but by "giving back" not only would they be giving this country the needed manpower in areas that are underfunded and understaffed but the rest of society could learn about the rich and vibrant cultures that all too often get hidden away.

bRaT said...

The community service idea would not work. Coupla Reasons:

A) Illegal immigrants left their home as an act of desperation, and they secured themselves a "passport" by falsifying documents.. Now, since the US does not really KNOW about half of the immigrants that live in the country that are living illegaly, how would they begin to start implementing this strategy? How would they find them??

B) The only way an immigrant can enter the US (legally) is the HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Permit), I don't know what it's called there, but that's what it's called here... If he were to obtain an HSMP, and then applied for citizenship, The country's economy would not benefit from it since when they say, "highly skilled"... that's exactly what they mean...

C) Jude.. you mention learning about the culture of the person... How many people migrate legally and how much do you know of them?? Why would they put themselves out on display if their job didn't require it?? (I say job because that's the most motivating factor). Do others want to know?? Or will they look upon him as an outsider?

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

I am serious sucker for giving back to the community. I heard some blurbs a while back about the HSMPs and it sounded like a good idea - it works where you are?? I know quite a few people that have migrated legally. Working as I have in the past in the food service field we had three totally men from Mexico that were sponsered by our boss and it was phenomenal the richness of their culture plus about 20 of my English, Australian and Irish cousins have migrated here. And in Chicago the Irish DO put themselves on display. There are complete neighborhoods that are rich in cultures from other countries and a lot of Chicagoans find it fascinating to share in that culture but I am sure about the other big cities.

How does your country stem the flow of illegals and is it a big problem over there?

bRaT said...

hmm... this means i'll have to tell you a history of my life... kiddin.. we'll my home country is India... but I'm currently living in London because my dad's been posted here as a diplomat. The HSMP works in the UK, and although there have been some problems implementing it, and there are still some (which piece of legislation doesn't have its problems?)... for the most part, it works...

There is a major problem with illegal immigrants in the UK... and they don't contribute to society either... There isn't really a solution laid out by the government here, except that they deport them once they find they're illegal...

India doesn't have a problem at all with illegal immigration, and even if it does happen from neighbouring countries like bangladesh or pakistan, everything is not always black and white...

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