Assign Responsibility

In 1986, we legalized millions of illegals through an Amnesty Program. The government "promised" that it would take action to stem the invasion from Mexico of 1 million illegals each year. It did not. Illegals still pour in.

We sit by and cry foul! When will it stop! Build a fence, build a wall!!! That'll stop them. If we could not stem the flood of illegals in the past 20 years what makes a wall that much more powerful??

I have tried to stay impartial to this illegal debate but I see that our lawmakers are too busy pointing the finger at each other's brand of liberalism or conservatism to not realize that we have allowed this to happen because we have not laid down the law and make the countries responsible for this influx.

We shake hands and kiss patootie with heads of state in foreign landsbut is there any chastisement for their neglect of their own country. The money that pours into Mexico though tourism or into Arabia from Oil - where has that gone? I assume only to line the pockets of the influential and those in charge. I have yet to hear any Liberal or Conservative come down hard on other countries about how terrible they treat their own citizens or provide an accounting as to where their own funding goes.

Here is a thought - If I only made $10 a month, but for a few dollars more I could escape my poverty and come to a country where I could make $10 an hour – wouldn't I? It is easier to escape poverty by leaving, but what has happened to those that would stand up against their government and say no more??

There is no "easy" fix. No amnesty program that will stem the flow in years to come. Only families that will be torn apart because we didn't politically spank the ass of those in charge of our brothers and sisters of foreign lands.

But is it our job to be the nanny of all? In some respects yes. We need leaders that lead not placate. We need citizens that help not complain. We need to start to listen to each other for solutions and not just blindly leave that decision up to those that just want to kiss the proverbial politico ass.

There are those we placed in power who want to hide their heads in the political sand pile. We are not ostriches, we are proud Americans that in our hearts, a burning desire to do the right thing. Unfortunately, those in charge forgot to listen

So the burning question is...... What is your opinion on how this problem can be fixed?


Lost Opportunity

I am not a fan of President Ahmadinejad of Iran. I fondly call him Ahma-Idgit. I find his policies and viewpoints radically offensive but I was curious to see what he would say at Columbia. Gracious opposition should have been the tenor of the day – not bullying.

After the furor surrounding President Ahmadinejad's speech at Columbia University dies down, do you think that we have missed the opportunity to clarify issues and open communications with Iran?

Columbia President Lee Bollinger effectively overtook the microphone to voice his low opinion of the Iranian leader and at the same time, blew the chance to open the lines of a healthy conversation.

With Bollinger's arrogant attack on this man, he basically became a braggart in his own right. Spouting self absorbed rhetoric and chastising this leader not only defeated the purpose of this man speaking at Columbia but also he appeared the buffoon to the Country of Iran. To me it smacked of personal agenda. Why did Columbia invite Ahmadinejad to speak at one of the most erudite and discussion-driven US universities but then drag him down to the level of a chastisement of a kindergartner?

I can see the point in not allowing the Iranian dictator of the month to visit Ground Zero. Especially, in light of the alleged sale of IEDs to Iraqi terrorist factions but to invite him to speak at a campus, proceed to berate him just threw away the opportunity for the student body to open up an intelligent debate on his views versus US views.

Where do go from here? A placard that a protester was carrying on the campus stated "Free Speech For All- Even Douchebags". Unfortunately, Bollinger proved himself to be the "Douchebag".

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