A Gaffe is Just a Gaffe

So Barack called a reporter "Sweetie" as he swam upstream through the crowds. The WXYZ reporter, Peggy Agar pushed in with a microphone and shouted her question which replied to using the word "Sweetie".

How vile, how sexist, what a little misogynist we have here! NOT!!! It would be more of a gaffe than an attack on the feminine sensibilities of the reporter.

I have a lot of respect for Obama that he even thought it was necessary to give a call to Ms. Agar immediately to apologize for not giving her an answer and apologizing for his use of the evil word "sweetie".

It was a slip of the tongue, a fall back under stress into familiar language we use with family. Not an attack on her "sweetie-hood". Although listening to the You Tube broadcast and her downright spitting the word sweetie, she does not sound too sweet.

So, I have one thing to say to Ms. Agar the reporter in the Station WXYZ report:
Lighten Up Honey!


Anonymous said...

People are dumb and if you want to take offense at something then there are a million slights a day real or imagined to choose from.

Let's really get her riled up and accuse her of over reacting because she's having "her time".

That would be entertaining

Chooch said...

I like it when someone calls me sweetie, then I can use my all time favorite Honey Bunches back to them. I get really happy with simple things in life. LOL!

aloha said...

I did enjoy your commnets on this 'Non" issue. Usually a waiterperson calls me this when I sit down at any place south of I-80 and have lunch, and I like it!
I do have a little advice for the girl who objected to being called sweetie. "Grow up, sweetie!"

Chooch said...

Thanks Pumpkin!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I have been called alot worse :) and I bet she has too!

Fee said...

Oops.. I didn't mean to be anonymous...at least not on here :)

Chooch said...

Listening to her report on the sweetie-gate I realized that it was a foolish attempt to make something out of nothing. She did not her answer right away and basically had a filler report so did make marks with bosses, she opened the floodgates to show her contempt of a candidate instead of reporting on the issues that were present at this event. She reduced herself to a whining pathetic person that sets her standards higher when it is convenient to her. Pathetic!

Stacey B. (aka Carla) said...

Just another attempt to find dirt where their just isn't any. It's similar to everyone getting so uppity and calling Senator Obama "elitist!" Please.
Yeah, right. Obama, elitist? Please. Obviously these nymrods know nothing of the practical application of the term. Usually reserved for those who are born into money, skate through ivy league university regardless of their ability and usually have their "Daddy" buy them a career.
OMG did I just discribe Schrub?

Chooch said...

Who is Schrub? I think I am tired of women that get offended by minor gaffes such as this.

John said...

I couldn't agree more. You would think he was groping her or something. When did being friendly go out of style. Sweetie needs to get a life.

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