Losing Your Luggage

Did you know that O'Hare airport has 7 miles of conveyor belts that handle luggage! And American Airlines and their sister airline American Eagle reported that a total of 639,146 bags mishandled or misdirected. WOW!

One of the main causes, according the article link above, is the printer ink on the baggage tickets that get dirty so the barcode is misread and bingo! your bag just went to Toledo.

I have never had a mishap with a missing bag. Missing articles inside my bag is another story but out and out losing one? Not Me.

Have any of my readers ever have a lost luggage? For lighter blogging fare, tell your story here.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE Travelers' Odds Decline on Airline Baggage


John said...

Hey Jude! (reminds me of a song)
I lost my luggage once on a business trip and my bag was brought to the hotel before I could notice any inconvenience. I won't say I flew a lot, but several times a year and only that one incident. I actually have a fair amount of confidence in the airlines. Considering the traffic, they do a fairly good job.

Jude's Blog Log said...

It must be difficult traveling a lot and then having to rely on baggage handlers to make sure your stuff arrives with you. I guess that is why a lot of frequent travellers use carry-on luggage more often than not.

Elise said...

I've never lost my luggage but I once went on holiday with a friend who lost hers.

She screamed at every attendant and complained that her "face is in that bag!"

She ended up "borrowing" my make-up. We didn't stay friends for long...

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Her face was in that bag! OMG that must have been hysterical! Thanks for posting Elise.

David R. Jones said...

Great Blog Jude! Enjoying going through it.
I have had two Luggage-incidents
1) My bag was once rifled through at Johannesburg (Now OR Tambo Intl) Airport and they stole ALL my shoes. I arrived in New York with NO SHOES except the sneakers I had been wearing. ofcourse i didnt realise this till I started unpacking.
2) At a later date I was flying again from JhB to Heathrow via Frankfurt. I get to Heathrow... no bag! Cool as a cucumber the Lufthansa attendant tells me my bag is in Nice. I mean what the heck? Luckily I got it back... after a week. And lucky my face was not in there :)

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

Thanks for stopping by! I have been hibernating for past few weeks and not checking my blog!

I can't imagine losing all your shoes!! And you have had this mishap twice! Shame on those airlines...

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