Clinton Hostage Crisis

Eisenberg, who is mentally unstable, initially walked into the building and ordered all of the hostages onto the floor, said one official. Here, a SWAT team member escorts a hostage from the office.

Oh my God! How much would that suck to know that your volunteers were taken hostage! I am not Monster Huge fan of Hilary but I can feel for her and her concern for her campaign volunteers. It is hard enough to get people fired up for your cause then to have to warn them of possible crackpots taking them hostage. Yikes! This world is going nutso!


John said...

I am not Hillary fan. Having said that, she got rave reviews for her performance reacting to this crisis. First of all, the guy was mad at the government, and not necessarily Hillary. He was not really armed, but that does not minimize the danger of the situation. He was a psycho drunk. Although I would never accuse hillary of this, she could have planted this guy for all the good press she has gotten over it. Any hostage situation is very scary, but I think Hillary will recover from this one.

Jude's Blog Log said...

Do you really think that someone would go to those great lengths for publicity? Boy that would be something right?

John said...

I'm pretty sure that the event was not intentional on Hillary's part. I actually heard that suggestion that she could have staged this crisis on the news. The main point though was to say that she got such good press from the incident. We all act sad and upset, nobody got hurt, and Hillary talks about the tragedy and then turns around and smiles. She got a little mileage out of this one.

Jude's Blog Log said...

I feel sorry for the guy. He sure had some screws loose and was probably at the end of his rope. Here is more news: http://edition.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/12/03/clinton.office/

Eric A Hopp said...

Hey Jude:

A couple of quick comments on the hostage crisis here. First is the rumors that Hillary Clinton staged this crisis in order to generate positive publicity for herself. That is a bunch of smelly BS here. No candidate--Republican or Democratic--would ever consider something this stupid in order to generate publicity. However, the rumor that Hillary Clinton staged this incident to generate positive press was certainly brought up, either by hard line, right wing conservative pundits, blogs, or perhaps even Fox News. That is a problem with negative campaigning.

As for the Clinton campaign reaction to the hostage crisis, they did the best job they could under the crisis. I would expect the same PR-results would probably take place if this hostage crisis took place in a GOP campaign office. But a point that I find very troubling here is the fact that this crisis took place in a political campaign office at all. In the past thirty years, there have been only two other instances of a hostage crisis where a U.S. president was indirectly involved in the incident. I would hope that this is a single incident involving this wacked-out guy. But with the extreme political polarization of this country, and the extreme political hatred and vitriol that is expressed on both sides by the political candidates, and the supporters, I do fear that we may see even more violence take place in political campaign offices in the future. I hope I'm wrong.

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

I think it is all the whacked out guy. Seems he has some serious issues he needs to take care of. And I do believe it is negative campaigning to say Hilary did it!

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